Polycom Trio Introduction + Setup – Creating AD, Exchange, and Lync/Skype4B accounts

Polycom Trio registers to Lync/Skype4B and provides cost effective high quality audio and video conferencing.  A setup consists of a number of parts – Polycom Trio, Visual+, and Logitech camera.  A screen with HDMI connectivity is required to display video and content.  For best effect I’ve found the screen displaying video should be placed at the end of the table so remote participants will seem to be sitting in the room with you.

What do I like best about the Trio?

  • Integration with meetings hosted on Lync/Skype4B
  • Excellent video and audio quality
  • Lync/Skype4B client to control meeting and share content
  • Schedulding and join experience
  • Simplicity

As great as the device is I have noticied a few drawbacks

  • Issue where video does not display and device requires reboot
  • Unable to enable video when joining conference using dial in numbers
  • No gallery view causes some confusion if people are used to other Polycom end points

To function the device is registered to Lync or Skype4B pool utilising the following

  • Active Directory user account
  • Exchange mailbox to provide scheduling
  • Lync/Skype4B meeting room account

Depending on the environment there may be a need to configure

  • Conference policy
  • Enterprise voice dial plan and voice policy for PSTN connectivity.
  • To easily allow anyone to share content then configure your environment to allow anyone from your organisation to be a presenter. Otherwise a meeting organiser will be required to assign presenters during the meeting.

The following powershell commands create required accounts and apply configuration.

# Following commands require Exchange powershell add in
# Create AD Account and Exchange mailbox, calendar processing, and mail tips
New-Mailbox -Name 'Polycom Trio Room' -Alias 'polycomTrio' -OrganizationalUnit 'nomoredeskphone.local/Accounts' -UserPrincipalName 'polycomTrio@nomoredeskphone.local' -SamAccountName 'polycomTrio' -FirstName '' -Initials '' -LastName '' -Room

Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity PolycomTrio -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept -AddOrganizerToSubject $false -RemovePrivateProperty $false -DeleteSubject $false
Set-Mailbox -Identity polycomTrio@nomoredeskphone.local -MailTip "Polycom Trio Meeting Room"

# Following commands require Active Directory powershell add in
# Set meeting room account password & enable account
 Set-ADAccountPassword -Identity polycomTrio
 Enable-ADAccount -Identity polycomTrio

# Following commands require Lync powershell add in
# Enable meeting room account on Microsoft Lync
Enable-CsMeetingRoom -SipAddress "sip:polycomTrio@nomoredeskphone.local" -RegistrarPool fe01@nomoredeskphone.local -Identity PolycomTrio

# Enable for enterprise voice and assign E.164 phone number
set-csMeetingRoom polycomTrio -enterpriseVoiceEnabled $true
set-csMeetingRoom polycomTrio -lineURI "tel:+613XXXXXXXX;ext=XXXX"

# Assign enterprise voice dial plans and voice policies
grant-CsDialPlan -identity polycomTrio -policyName "Dial Plan - Australia - Victoria"
grant-csVoicePolicy -identity polycomTrio -policyName "Voice Policy - Australia - National Calls"

The next blog post shall describe how to get the Trio onto the network, signed in, additional calendar processing configuration, and scheduling and joining a video conference.

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