Microsoft release Skype for Business iOS Call Kit Integration

Skype for Business iOS Call Kit Integration

Overnight Microsoft released an update to Skype for Business iOS client utilising recent call kit APIs released by Apple.  Call kit API integration allow for calls received or made by Skype for Business to be handled in the same manner as regular cellular calls.

iOS call kit improvements provide –

  • Answer incoming calls to iOS devices with a single swipe just as you would for a cellular call
  • Access call history (recents)  to review placed, received, and missed call which also tie in with phone contacts

App Store Screen

First Run Welcome Screens
Screen number 1


Screen #2

Configuration Screen
This provides the ability to enable answering Skype for Business calls calls from lock screen and enable call logs.  Enabled by default. 

Incoming Calls & Recent Activity

Incoming Call
Incoming calls are handled by the device in the same manner as cellular calls.  Additional information does describe the call has been routed via Skype for Business

Recent Activity
You now have the ability to review recent activity including made, received, and missed calls.  If the number is a contact then you have the ability to review their contact card.

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